Recent Craft Inspirations/Creations

Hiya Everyone,
 Its been a while since I’ve posted. Blogging really isn’t my thing but I’ve decided to give it another go. As you can see I’ve been busy learning a new skill via the many crafting tutorials on YouTube. This is my second handmade decorative Mini Album. I made it for friends having their first baby. As you can see by the design paper they had a boy.
My first album was a standard style of Mini Album 5×7 that I made for my cousins 10th wedding anniversary. This album is 6 3/4 by 7 3/4. I decided to do a wrap around cover with a Velcro closure. It took me 3 months between other commitments and deciding how to design the page layouts. If anyone wants the name of the decorative paper pad I used please let me know. I used the Hidden Hinge Binding System by Kathy Orta King. I’ll leave a link to her website below if anyone is interested.

Kathy Orta King at


Below is a more recent quick project I made using a file folder. Another YouTube project inspired by Dawn of DawnsInspirations . I confess I did mess this one up and cut to far down a flap(lack of sleep made me do it) but you can’t tell. This is 6×4 with a couple pockets and space for photos. I have cut another file folder correctly and am trying to fit a mini note pad in it. I haven’t decorated it yet as  I’ve been a bit distracted, several friends and family have given birth. I’m back on baby albums.
Wisely I have scaled down the size of these albums in order to make them faster and using a single 6 1/2 by 4 1/2 layout design for them all. I wanted to do one-off creations for each but needs must where there’s a time limit. More babies on the way. Below is the cover of first in the group. There are 5 pages instead of 6. I have 2 pages left to go then its on to embellishing the pages and covers and cutting the photo matt inserts; each page has a side loading pocket. That’s it for now. I’ll be posting pics of the finished albums as and when I complete them. Take care.

Recent Craft Inspirations/Creations

2016-02-19 22.44.09

Handmade baby album(girl)

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