Blogging…….starting out??

IMG_20141012_004139Hi Everyone. This is my first post. Not sure how it all works so please be gentle with me. I tried having a blog before a few years ago but it never really went anywhere. Thought I’d give it another go. Its just after midnight here in England. Gotta love the British fog, smudging the ruff edges of modern life into something softer. I miss New Mexico. The food, the culture, the dry weather. Green chile chicken enchiladas, tostadas, burritos, empenadas, Hatch chile peppers, and the Tiger Burgers from the Hi-De-Ho. Did I mention the dry weather?. The photo below  is of one of my Jack Russell’s, Rosie. I have two. I’m a self taught artist though there’s little time to create and learn these days with one thing or another. Mostly health at the moment. I’ve been sketching from a young age and have taken up painting in rescent years as well. A few different mediums I’ve tried is acrylic, pastel, art bars, and Promarkers on canvas, paper, and postcard as well as cardboard. Once I’ve got the hang of this I hope to upload some of my art, old and new. So watch this space! Going to give oil pastels a try n maybe an art journal or card making. Who knows. Anything to alleviate the stress and help me ignore the arthritis pain from old injuries. Bring on the new system!!!! Friendly advice is always welcome.


God bless and have a great day.



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